Release: Senator Rand Paul endorses Jessi Melton for US Congress:



Boca Raton, FL – Today, Senator Rand Paul endorsed Jessi Melton for Congress in Florida's 22nd Congressional District.

As a United States Senator, I fight proudly in defense of the Constitution and against government overreach. Our liberty is being challenged by radical liberals who are attempting to remove our right to free speech, our right to bear arms, and the right to due process. Now more than ever, we need outspoken, unapologetic Conservative representatives like Jessi Melton in Washington, DC to help me in the fight to protect our freedom. 


Jessi is a passionate, accomplished patriot who speaks boldly in the face of tyranny to defend the Constitutional rights of Americans. That is why I fully support and endorse Jessi Melton for the United States Congress in Florida's 22nd Congressional District.


– Senator Rand Paul


Senator Rand Paul is a rare breed. His polar star has consistently remained his duty to protect the rights of the American people, which is the sole role of any elected official. Senator Paul is an exemplary servant of our America-first agenda and I am beyond honored to have his support in this race to take back the House. I look forward to joining him in the critical fight to preserve American liberty and exceptionalism.


– Jessi Melton, Candidate for US House of Representatives

Maria Espinoza endorses Jessi Melton:

"Jessi's proven business acumen has successfully carried her through the many challenges that face America's families and business owners each day.  With brains, beauty & passion, Jessi Melton is ready to take on the swamp in DC and be a fighting conservative voice for Floridians! I personally and proudly endorse her campaign for Congress in FL22 and invite you to show your support today!"

Maria Espinoza

Former Trump Transition Team

National Media Trump Surrogate

Roger Stone endorses Jessi Melton for Congress:

"Jessi Melton is a fighter!  She is a scrapper...We need constitutional conservatives like Jessi Melton in Congress...this is a crusade!"

Roger Stone

Longtime Trump political advisor

Veteran GOP strategist

Author "The Clinton's War on Women"

Florida Right to LIfe Political Action Committee endorses Jessi Melton: