Illegal immigration is a threat to our national and economic security. Our broken immigration system must be overhauled to accommodate a merit-based immigration policy and we must enforce existing federal laws that protect America’s sovereignty.


The only way to enter the country is to do it by legal channels. We will not support any form of amnesty for those who have broken our laws by entering America illegally.


It is the duty of the federal government to secure the borders and all ports of entry, and to enforce existing immigration laws with all assets available to them, including the construction of a border security wall and eradication of sanctuary cities.


Walls are not designed to keep immigrants out; rather, they exist to direct applicants to the legal ports of entry for documentation. Walls are not discrimination; they are organization.

Furthermore, undocumented immigrants are most vulnerable to human trafficking and are almost certain to be exploited by this $150 billion per year criminal industry. Encouraging illegal immigration is not only harmful to our national security, but also perpetuates human trafficking in the form of servitude, labor slavery, and sex slavery. 




Americans have the sole right to choose their children's school education. As parents, we denounce socialized education standards and common core; and instead embrace school choice. We must stand firm against the progressive attack on academia.

School choice recognizes that each child has unique talents and needs. School choice encourages critical thinking, whereas common-core stifles free thinking, breeds sheep, encourages conformity, and is a core culprit in the tragic epidemic of the overmedication of American youth.



As an anti-Semitic assault by several House Democrats wages against Israel, America must continue to support Israel’s right to self-determination. Because Israel is our strongest true ally in the Middle East, we must, as a nation, continue to support her. The decision to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, the true and eternal capital of Israel, was long overdue and was the right thing to do.

2nd Amendment

“A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”


As Americans, we will forever protect this fundamental right, standing firm against predatory gun-grabbing legislation introduced by royalists who believe law-abiding American citizens should not have the right to protect themselves and their families.


Both Obamacare and Medicare-for-All are failed propositions. Healthcare must be removed from the hands of Washington bureaucrats and returned to the competitive free market.


One size does not fit all when it comes to Americans' healthcare. Our system needs to be flexible to meet the needs of a diverse population. Permitting insurance companies to sell across state lines and allowing associations to join together to receive the same discounts as large corporations will naturally increase competition and drive down costs.

Free market and private healthcare solutions are effective and make healthcare affordable for everyone. 

Veteran Affairs

ur veterans should be entitled to receive “entitlements” for the willingness to sacrifice themselves so that we can enjoy the freedoms we share today. Veterans should have the ability to choose quality healthcare providers wherever and whenever they want.

Military strength abroad begins with honoring our veterans and putting them first here at home.

Tax Reform

The historic tax reform measure signed into law was a great first step, but more tax reduction is needed to help working families reduce their overall tax burden, expanding opportunities and creating an economic environment that allows for continued job growth and economic prosperity.


We must seek higher tax breaks and incentives for individuals and companies contributing to the welfare of the people and investing in underserved communities.